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Lethbridge based Richardson Oilseed Ltd. was the first company in the world to market canola oil.

Lethbridge is among Canada's top 100 for real estate investors according to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine

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Agricultural Land Use

The Lethbridge County is known to be the irrigation capital of Canada, allowing for a multitude of crops to be grown by area farmers. This highly diversified crop base provides raw materials for processing industries and export markets, as well as feed for the area’s livestock industries.
Every year, these farmers reinvest hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy in the following ways:
  • Capital investments in land, buildings, machinery
  • Wages and salaries
  • Fuel, maintenance and repair bills
  • Livestock, poultry, feed and veterinary purchases
  • Fertilizer, pesticide, and seed purchases, etc.
The Lethbridge County contains 297,287 irrigated acres within two distinct irrigation districts. There are 172,387 acres in the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District and 124,900 acres in the St. Mary River Irrigation District.
Livestock & Dairy
Rich pasture areas within the Lethbridge County produce some of North America’s best beef. Serving the area’s livestock industry are some of the country’s largest and most efficient feedlots, meatpacking and poultry processing operations. There are over 200 milk producers in the Lethbridge area, which account for about 17 per cent of the provincial total. High-quality grazing land extends from the Lethbridge County west into the foothills area. 

County of Lethbridge Land Use Information
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Figure C.31
County of Lethbridge Land Use Information
Land Area & Usage 2006 2011 % Change
Total Land Area km2 2,839 2,838 0.0%
Total Private Dwellings 2,986 2,866 -4.0%
Population Density per km2 3.6 3.5 -2.8%
Total Number of Farms 1,058 933 -11.8%
Total Area of Farms (hectares) 293,569 285,508 -2.8%
Average Farm Size (hectares) 277 306 10.5%


Statistics Canada 2006 Community Profile, Statistics Canada 2011 Census, Statistics Canada 2011 Census of Agriculture

County of Lethbridge Farm Information
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Figure C.32
County of Lethbridge Farm Recipts
Farm Receipts & Assets
(in $ Millions)
2006 2011 % Change
Farm Receipts, Avg. $0.9 $1.1 22.2%
Farm Receipts, Total $900 $1,100 22.2%
Capital Farm Assets, Avg. $2.1 $3.4 61.9%
Capital Assets, Total $2,300 $3,200 39.1%
Farm Receipts, Alberta Avg., Real Dollars $200,058 $264,518 32.2%
Total Number of Farms 1,058 933 -11.8%


Statistics Canada, 2006 & 2011 Census of Agriculture

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