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Lethbridge based Richardson Oilseed Ltd. was the first company in the world to market canola oil.

Lethbridge-based BlackBridge Group is the world's fourth largest private owner of space-based satellites. They also have one of the world's few high resolution, rapid-eye satellites and five other imaging satellites.

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Cost of Doing Business

Lethbridge stands out in Western Canada as a hot spot, and not just because of the sunshine.

Businesses in Lethbridge continue to thrive within a supportive and competitive industry environment despite an economic downturn in other centres. Our sunny city offers a low cost operating environment with savings in areas such as: taxation, utilities, labour and transportation.

In a recent international business cost study by management consultants KPMG, Lethbridge ranked in the top three in terms of transportation, facility and location related costs. Lethbridge remains competitive in a range of non-cost factors, including: labour availability and skills, economic conditions and markets, innovation, infrastructure, regulatory environment, cost of living and quality of life.

  • Operational Costs - the operating costs associated with business: facilities, transportation, labour, etc.
  • Construction and Occupancy - the costs associated with building new facilities or taking over existing commercial or industrial spaces.
  • Taxes - an overview of  provincial and municipal taxes
  • Utilities - cost of basic public utilities in Lethbridge

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