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Lethbridge is ranked one of the top 25 communities for business in Western Canada in 2012 and one of the top three communities for IT/High Tech.

There are 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within 90 minutes from Lethbridge.

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Transportation Network

Lethbridge is well-connected to the entire province and the country within Alberta’s highly effective ground and air transportation system.

The ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert, British Columbia are the closest points when shipping by sea. Well established road, rail and air corridors provide a wide range of options ensuring safety, affordability and efficiency when moving goods and people. Lethbridge is well positioned to become a major logistics and distribution centre.


The Alberta metropolitan cities of Calgary and Edmonton, located to the north of Lethbridge, are within an easy commuting distance on well-maintained double-lane divided highways.

In the future a realignment is planned at Lethbridge, for highways 3 and 4, as part of the Canada-America-Mexico (CANAMEX) Trade Corridor that stretches 6,000 kilometres from Alaska to Mexico City. This portion of the CANAMEX in Alberta is referred to as the North-South Trade Corridor (NSTC), which extends from the Canada-U.S. border at Coutts to the B.C. border west of Grande Prairie. The NSTC in Alberta is approximately 1,170 kilometres long.  As of 2010, more than 92% of the NSTC has been competed to a 4-laned roadway.
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Highlights of ground transportation in Lethbridge: 
  • One hour south is Alberta’s major port of entry to the United States at Coutts and Sweetgrass, Montana. This twenty-four hour border crossing links Alberta’s export highway with U.S. Interstate 15 (a integral portion of CANAMEX) and is the 8th busiest border crossing in Canada in terms of trade traffic by road.  In 2010 the crossing saw over $9 billion in trade (Transport Canada). 
  • Highway 3 is a major traffic route linking Lethbridge with Vancouver to the west. Through Medicine Hat, Highway 3 joins the Trans Canada highway to all points east.
  • Highway 5 heading southwest connects the city with the Lethbridge County Airport and is the corridor to the majestic Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park.
  • Shipping goods through Lethbridge?  Review the following 2010 Dangerous Goods and Truck Route Map for the City of Lethbridge.



Dangerous Goods and Truck Route Map
2010 Dangerous Goods and Truck Route Map for the City of Lethbridge (pdf)


Of course Lethbridge is well known for its Viaduct, the mile long Lethbridge high level rail bridge which soars 300 feet above the river valley floor. Lethbridge is also located on the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline with tracks running in all four directions. Products are easily shipped east to southern Ontario, south to the U.S., west to Vancouver and north to Calgary. Freight-handling facilities are located in Lethbridge and a large, modern train marshalling facility is located at Kipp, just northwest of Lethbridge. Spur rail is also available to serve industrial areas and rail loading is available.


The Lethbridge Airport is located approximately 10 minutes south of the city centre. The airport operates 24/7 with daily scheduled flights, by Air Canada and locally owned Integra Air. Calgary and Edmonton International Airports are the primary destinations, with regular service to Fort McMurray. Charter and executive aircraft services, aircraft rentals and flight training are also available. Several rental car agents are available on site.

The Lethbridge Airport has a flat prairie topography with an elevation of 3047 feet above sea level. There are two runways – the main 6500 foot asphalt runway (05-23) and the crosswind runway (12-30) is 5500 feet in length. The airfield has runway and approach lighting; electronic navigation and landing aids. An on-site NAV CANADA Flight Services Station operates 16 hours per day.


Canada Customs provides service to Lethbridge via the Coutts / Sweetgrass Port of Entry. A newly renovated facility was the result of greater cooperation between Canada and U.S. customs resulting in more service lanes, to help to reduce wait times.

The Coutts / Sweetgrass Port allows use of the NEXUS system to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States. The Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are cooperating in this joint venture to simplify border crossing for members while enhancing security. Call 1-866-496-3987 for information.

Four export warehouses are located in Lethbridge. Customs service is available available at the Lethbridge County Airport 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days per week. Call 1-888-CAN-PASS for details.


Lethbridge is home to numerous local trucking firms offering local, provincial, national and international freight services.

In 2007, Lethbridge-based H&R Transport Ltd. was named one of the 50 Top Managed Companies in Canada. H&R employs 750 and moves goods by road and intermodal, within Canada as well as full-load service to international clients between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. H&R owns and operates a fleet of 450 tractors and 1,255 trailer units. The company offers temperature-controlled transloading and warehouse services in Vancouver, along with third-party logistics services.

Standard and refrigerated warehouses are available throughout the city. Terminal facilities are also on hand, offering third-party logistics capabilities.

Estimated Shipping Rates from Lethbridge
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*Truckloads are equvalent to 46,000 lbs. in Canada or 42,000 lbs. in U.S.
**Minimum 500 pound load for this rate to apply.


Canadian Freightways, 2011

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