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Commercial Real Estate Statistics

The past year was the busiest on record in the Lethbridge Commercial Real Estate market with an annual total of 66 transactions in the lease market.  This is the greatest volume of activity we have seen since we started tabulating these statistics in 2007.  From a year-over-year perspective, the 66 transactions represent an increase of 18% compared with the 2013 figure of 56 (which was also a record high number at that time).  The 66 transactions recorded this year is also substantially higher than the current 5 year average of 51.  By any definition, it is clear that this was an active year in the local market.

Retail transactions led the way in 2014, with a total of 29.  This is the greatest number of annual retail leases we have seen since we began tracking these figures in 2007.  It was also significantly higher than the 2013 total of 18, representing an increase of 61% on a year-over-year basis.  Office lease transactions were fairly flat in 2014 (26 vs. 27 in 2013, representing a decline of 4%) although it should be noted that the 26 transactions recorded this year represents the second highest number of office transactions on record, behind only the 2013 total.  There were 11 transactions in the industrial lease market, which is unchanged from 2013 and again represents the highest tally we have on record in this category (along with the 2013 total).  The strength in each sector is emblematic of a continued year of strong commercial real estate activity.

There was mixed movement on the price front in 2014 local lease market.  Retail properties declined by 7% on a square footage basis, dropping to $19.65 per square foot in 2014 (from $21.11 in 2013).  This deviated from the office market which realized growth of 23% from a year-over-year perspective, reaching $15.54 per square foot in 2014 (up from $12.65 in 2013).  Industrial properties were relatively stable in 2014, as they increased in price by 2% (moving to $7.68 in 2014 from $7.56 in 2013).

The interface below provides averages of commercial real estate sales and leases for a specific period of time, broken down by size, price and volume. These statistics have been developed to ensure accurate information is available about the commercial real estate market in Lethbridge. Our collaborative and information sharing partnership with the Lethbridge Real Estate Board and Lethbridge-based real estate brokerages is responsible for the availability of this data. Information is reported on a quarterly basis in aggregate form and divided into Sales and Leases.

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We would like to recognize the partner organizations that make these statistics a reality:

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