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Lethbridge is ranked one of the top 25 communities for business in Western Canada in 2012 and one of the top three communities for IT/High Tech.

Lethbridge is among Canada's top 100 for real estate investors according to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine

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Trading Area

Based on the 2011 Census, Statistics Canada has ranked the Lethbridge region as one the top 15 fastest growing census agglomerations (CA) with growth pegged at 11.3% between 2006 and 2011 with a current population of 106,000. This growth is expected to continue with a projected population of 111,500 in the City and 12,300 in the County by 2026.

Both the City of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge County work closely with Alberta’s network of Regional Economic Development Alliances which include SouthGrow, Alberta Southwest and the surrounding communities and counties of southern Alberta.


Lethbridge Primary Trade Area Lethbridge Secondary Trade Area Lethbridge Tertiary Trade Area



Lethbridge County Communities

Population: 318 (2014 Municipal Census)

The “Wheatheart of the West” is uniquely located along Highway 23, with the city of Lethbridge a short 30 minutes (51km) to the south. This growing community is beautifully landscaped, has a solid mix of commercial and industrial businesses, excellent recreational facilities and provides a safe environment in which to work, raise a family and retire.

Contact: Village of Barons, Municipal Administrator
Box 129, Barons, Alberta, T0L 0G0
Phone: (403)757-3633 Fax: (403)757-2599
Email: barons@figment.ca
Website: www.barons.ca

Population: 7,526 (2015 Alberta Municipal Affairs Population List)

A modern community of more than 7,500 residents, Coaldale is located 10 minutes (12 km) east of Lethbridge on Highway 3, along the Canadian Pacific Railway line.

A strong economy is characterized by an in-depth retail, commercial and industrial core. Coaldale also offers quality education, medical/emergency services and recreational facilities.

Contact: Town of Coaldale, Town Manager
1920 – 17th Street, Coaldale, Alberta, T1M 1M1
Phone: (403)345-1300 Fax: (403)345-1311
Email: admin@coaldale.ab.ca
Website: www.coaldale.ab.ca

Population: 2,522 (2015 Alberta Municipal Affairs Population List)

Just seven minutes to downtown Lethbridge, Coalhurst is a small residential town where residents enjoy the amenities of a large city. It is a growing community with great business potential, low taxes, reasonable housing costs, good schools and a low crime rate.

Contact: Town of Coalhurst, Administrator
Box 456, 100 – 51st Avenue, Coalhurst, Alberta, T0L 0V0
Phone: (403)381-3033 Fax: (403)381-2924
Email: main@town.coalhurst.ab.ca
Website: coalhurst.ca

Population: 1,000 (2011 Canada Census)

Nobleford is a well-rounded, modern growing residential, commercial and industrial community with a strong agricultural base and is located 20 minutes (32 km) northwest of Lethbridge on the Canadian Pacific Railway line and along Highway 23.

Contact: Village of Nobleford, Chief Administrative Officer
Box 67, 906 Hwy Ave, Nobleford, Alberta, T0L 1S0
Phone: (403)824-3555 Fax: (403)824-3553
Email: admin@village.nobleford.ab.ca
Website: www.village.nobleford.ab.ca

Picture Butte
Population: 1,650 (2015 Alberta Municipal Affairs Population List)

We’re friendly, we’re proud and we would love to have you in our community. Check out our great website at www.picturebutte.ca.

Contact: Town of Picture Butte, Administrator
Box 670, Picture Butte, Alberta, T0K 1V0
Phone: (403)732-4555 Fax: (403)732-4334
Email: info@picturebutte.ca
Website: www.picturebutte.ca

Other Hamlets and Subdivisions:

  • Chin
  • Diamond City
  • Iron Springs
  • Kipp
  • McNally
  • Monarch
  • Mountain Meadows
  • Readymade
  • Shaughnessy
  • Sunnyside
  • Sunset Acres
  • Tempest
  • Turin
  • Vista Meadows


Contact: Pete Lovering 
Tel: (403) 394-0615 

Contact: Martin Ebel 
Tel: (403) 317-6052 

Contact: Bev Thornton 
Tel: (403) 627-1165 


Economic Development Lethbridge
308 Stafford Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada   T1J 2L1

Phone: (403) 331-0022
Fax: (403) 331-0202
Toll Free: 1-800-332-1801

E-Mail: info@chooselethbridge.ca

Investment Inquiries Contact:
Heather McIntosh-Rivera, Director
Business Development & Operations

Phone: (403) 331-0022
E-Mail: heather@chooselethbridge.ca

Convention & Events Contact:
Erin Crane, Director
Meeting, Event & Partnership Development

Phone: (403) 331-0022
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