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4.1 million
The amount of square footage of floor that manufacturing firms in Lethbridge occupy. The equivalent to 70 (NFL) football fields (47 CFL football fields).

The annual Lethbridge College Foundation Clayton Allan Wine Auction was the first of its kind in Alberta. In 2007, the 17th annual event raised more than $115,000, the largest amount raised in its history and bringing the total amount raised to over $1 m

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It’s easy to see that southern Alberta gets its fair share of sunshine. On any given day, the wide blue sky dominates the landscape. Visitors from other parts of world often comment about our big sky and wide, open spaces.

A steady westerly breeze keeps the air fresh and the sky clear. Any change in the wind direction is usually associated with a change in the weather. Lethbridge is not all dry prairie as we get just enough moisture to green the coulees (the Oldman River Valley) and allow for thick urban forests of poplar, elm and birch to grow.

  • Average Annual Snowfall = 112.4 cm (44.3 inches)
  • Average Annual Rainfall = 276.7 mm (10.9 inches)
  • Average annual hours of bright sunshine = 2,300 (1971-2000 period)

Lethbridge Climate Normals
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Figure Q.2
 Lethbridge Climate Normals
Month Sunshine Hours Wind Speed Temperature (°C)
km/hr Direction High Low
January 92.3 20.5 w 0.1 -12.1
February 116.0 19.2 wsw 2.3 -10.6
March 149.6 18.0 wsw 6.4 -6.5
April 204.7 19.7 w 13.1 -1.1
May 256.9 19.2 w 18.3 3.9
June 296.2 17.5 wsw 22.0 8.3
July 334.3 15.3 w 26.1 10.3
August 292.8 14.2 wsw 26.0 9.5
September 197.8 16.1 w 20.2 4.9
October 166.1 19.0 w 13.7 -0.6
November 110.3 19.8 wsw 4.8 -7.2
December 83.7 20.8 wsw 0.6 -11.4


The sunshine hours reflect the total from the 1971-2000 Environment Canada Climate Normals.  They were discontinued for the 1981-2010 data collection period.

All figures expressed as monthly averages.


Environment Canada, National Climate Data & Information Archives, Climate Normals and Averages, 1981-2010, 1971-2000.

In summer, warm sunshine dries the air and calms the wind. High temperatures average in the mid-20s degrees Celsius.

In winter, cold snaps in the minus teens are frequently broken by Chinooks – the warm and moist westerly winds from the Pacific Ocean. It melts the snow and ice. Winter visitors from other northern cities often comment about our clean sparkling snow – that’s because the snow usually doesn’t last long.

Lethbridge's Top 20 'Weather Winners'
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The top 100 most populace Canadian cities were chosen, based on: a minimum population of 15,000 people and followed. station nearby where standard observing procedures were having an official Environment Canada equipped weather


Environment Canada, Canadian Weather Winners

Climate Severity Index
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The index measures comfort and desirability of an areas climate, lower numbers indicating greater desirability.


Climate Severity Index for Canadians - D.W. Phillips & R.B. Crowe

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