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Lethbridge’s increasingly diversified economic base benefits from the healthy mix of businesses that are anchored to our community. With no business, payroll or machinery tax, available serviced industrial land ready for construction and office space at less than $16 per square foot, Lethbridge offers a low-cost operating environment with demonstrated savings in areas such as taxation, land, construction and transportation.

A recent Conference Board of Canada Mid-Sized Cities report noted the healthy growth among information and cultural industries in our city, which can be linked to the strong presence of two post-secondary institutions as well as the emergence of Lethbridge as a significant high-tech presence in Alberta.

A mid-sized city of nearly 100,000 people, Lethbridge is located in the southern part of Alberta, Canada. With an average of 320 days of sunshine each year and one of the warmest winters in the western provinces, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy all that this city and region has to offer. The geographic location also ensures close proximity to world class ski resorts in the Canadian Rockies, majestic national parks, the vibrant city of Calgary and the U.S. border.

Check out a few quick facts about living in Lethbridge:

  • A family earning $80,000 annually has $16,875 in disposable income (compared to -$60 in Calgary)
  • Lethbridge has more than 70 parks, 200 km of walking and running trails, playgrounds and sports fields
  • Average home prices in Lethbridge are among the lowest of all major cities in Alberta

This website is designed to help you discover everything you need to make Lethbridge your top choice to live, learn, invest, visit and do business.

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Did You Know?

Lethbridge ranks fourth among Canada’s Best Places for Business according to Canadian Business and PROFIT.

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A bright spot in the province, Lethbridge is the southern Alberta hub for both traditional industries and emerging technologies.

Lethbridge thinkers, makers and doers are leading change in Agriculture, Food Sciences and Manufacturing within a community that is propelled by innovative research and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

If you are looking for a great place to start, grow or expand your business Lethbridge is a great choice. This section highlights a few of the business advantages, economic strengths and diverse industries that are part of our success story.

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Are you confident your business idea is the next big thing but you’re not sure where to start? As part of our Teconnect+ED program, a partnership with the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA) supported by Alberta Innovates, we can match you with professional business development advisers, including two on-site at Teconnect, who can help you move your ideas forward and connect you to the resources and information you need during the critical startup phase. We also offer workshops on understanding consumer behavior, analyzing customer feedback, validating a business model, marketing and sales strategies and more.

To get started, contact:
Mika Nakashima,
Entrepreneur Program Manager
403-332-6072 or

If you have already been through the intake process, and are looking to book an appointment with a business advisor, give us a call or use the online booking system below.

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Life in Lethbridge strikes a balance between the feel of a close-knit small community and the services and amenities of a growing urban centre.

Living in Lethbridge, you’ll find a diverse population, two modern post-secondary institutions, a thriving arts and culture scene, top-notch recreational facilities all set against a stunning natural environment within a community where collaboration is king.

Lethbridge is two hours south of Calgary, Canada’s third largest city and a major transportation hub for the region, and one hour from the U.S. border. Lethbridge’s location in the heart of southern Alberta also puts it in close proximity to premier attractions like Waterton Lakes National Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. The Oldman River runs through the middle of the city, creating scenic coulees, verdant valley parkland and boundless recreational opportunities.

The following highlight boxes and data tables will propvide you with additional info about our bright city!

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One of Lethbridge’s greatest assets is its diverse and dynamic population. Our population continues to grow at a steady rate and as of 2016 sits at 98,198. More than a quarter of the adult population is under the age of 34, Lethbridge brims with a youthful energy.

Over the past five years, our population has grown by an average of almost two per cent per year. That’s nearly 150 new arrivals each month!

Lethbridge also continues to demonstrate a stable, balanced labour market.

Lethbridge employers have access to a young, well-educated pool of potential employees from the more than 3,200 students who graduate from our city’s two post-secondary institutions. For students, that also means a chance to stay in Lethbridge to pursue a diverse range of employment opportunities.

CA data for the city indicate that Lethbridge had the lowest unemployment rate in the province in 2016 at 5.9% (up from 4.0% in 2015).

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Welcome to Lethbridge!

A mid-sized city of nearly 100,000 people, Lethbridge offers the friendly, affordable charm of a smaller place along with the venues, services and entertainment options of an urban centre to help create memorable event experiences for business and leisure travellers alike.

Lethbridge is located in the southern part of Alberta, Canada. The geographic location means close proximity to world class ski resorts in the Canadian Rockies, majestic national parks, the vibrant city of Calgary and the U.S. border.

Located only one hour north of the Alberta-Montana border, Lethbridge is closer to the U.S. market than any other city in Alberta. Lethbridge is also easily accessible to major hubs across Western Canada by road and air. Our proximity to the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains also places us within an hour’s drive to spectacular national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and other major attractions.

With an average of 320 days of sunshine each year and one of the warmest winters in the western provinces, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy all that this city and region has to offer. Whether it’s a convention for hundreds or a more intimate meeting for a few, Lethbridge is a bright choice to host your next convention, meeting or event.

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Did You Know?

The Lethbridge Research Centre (LRC) is the largest within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's national network of 19 research centres.

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