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Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream

Lethbridge is a diverse and exciting community with a wealth of opportunities.
Economic Development Lethbridge is honoured to administer the Rural Renewal Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program for the City of Lethbridge. The Rural Renewal Stream offers approved employers in eligible industries the abilty to seek out non-permanent residents to fill labour gaps in eligible occupations within designated industries. This program provides employers access to a wider labour pool, while offering eligible workers a pathway to employment and permanent residency. Through the parameters of this program Economic Development Lethbridge is able to help reduce labour shortages by endorsing employers and job seekers to fast track immigration for eligible candidates.

If you are an employer located within the City of Lethbridge and operate a business in the following industry sectors, this program may be of assistance to you.
(please note...sectors are subject to change)

NAICS codes eligible under this program:

Manufacturing -  31-33
Construction  - 23
Engineering - 5413 Architectural, Engineering & Related Services
Health Care & Social Assistance - 62
Automotive Repair & maintenance - 8111,4411

Note to employers, If you are filling out this information for an employee currently working for your business, you do not have to post this as a new job posting.

For more information please visit the Rural Renewal Employers Page

* Please note - Endorsment letters will only be provided to qualified candidates who meet the program criteria and have recieved a job offer from an approved Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream employer.

If you are a non-Canadian resident who is interested in obtaining permanent residency by living and working within the City of Lethbridge you can find out more by visiting the Rural Renewal Candidates Page.

Application Process

Applications to become an approved employer will require an up to 30-day review process.

Applying for the Rural Renewal Stream as an employer or candidate can be a confusing process. We've outlined the steps below to help you understand the responsibilities of employers and candidates.

Step 1: Employer Applies to become an approved Community Partnership employer
Employers in eligible sectors with vacancies submit an application to the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Community Partnership.
Responsibility: Employer

Step 2: Application Reviewed
The Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Community Partnership reviews applications and may conduct an interview with the employer to determine eligibility and participation in the program.
Responsibility: Community Partnership

Step 3: Employer submits job vacancy once approved as a Rural Renewal Stream employer
Businesses can submit job vacancies to the Partnership Council after they have been confirmed as an approved employer.  These vacancies have to be approved by the Partnership Council as well (to ensure sufficient processing capacity on the part of the Council and to ensure the positions are consistent with program guidelines).  Once the vacancies have been confirmed, they are linked to the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Community Partnership job posting board.
Responsibility: Employer

Step 4: Candidate Applies for Job
Prospective candidates review the job postings and apply directly to the employer for positions they are qualified for.
Responsibilty: Candidate

Step 5: Job Offered
Qualified candidate receives a job offer from the employer for full-time, permanent work.
Responsibilty: Employer

Step 6: Endorsement Letter Application
The employer applies to the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Community Partnership for a letter of endorsement on behalf of the candidate. The Request for Endorsement Letter Form will be provided directly to the employer upon approval under the Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream.
Responsibility: Employer

Step 7: Endorsement Letter Issued
The Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Partnership issues an endorsement letter directly to the candidate.
Responsibilty: Community Partnership

Step 8: Candidate Applies for a Provincial Nomination
Candidate applies for provincial nomination through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Portal to receive a 204C letter from the Government of Alberta.
Responsibilty: Candidate

Employers may fill out the Application Form online

Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Community Partnership
The Lethbridge Rural Renewal Stream Community Partnership is made up of community stakeholders with a shared mandate of supporting employers and newcomers to the community.The partnership is made up of:
Economic Development Lethbridge
Lethbridge Family Services - Immigrant Services Division
Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce
Flexibility Learning Systems
Lethbridge Construction Association

The ‘Community Partnership’ is responsible for approving eligible employers and endorsing candidates who are a good fit for the community and are interested in applying for permanent residency through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program – Rural Renewal Stream.
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Did You Know?

Lethbridge’s SunRidge neighbourhood is the first “Built-Green” community in Canada.